About Ramaba Group
Work together to achieve our mutual goals
Ramaba Group is formed by two companies that are specialized in their own two fields. One being the development of construction projects; and the other one the commercialization of goods and services.
Founded over a strong base of core values and the experience gained over the years, Ramaba Group is proud of the quality delivered with each project as well as the relationships gained through the completion said projects.


Ramaba Construction
Specialized in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial developments.
The core company of the group is specialized in the development of residential, commercial and industrial developments.
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Ramaba Trade
Specialized in the commercialisation, distribution and promotion of goods and services.
Imports and exports a wide range of products and services. Ramaba Trade adds value and experience in the distribution and promotion of those goods as well.
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International reach

Middle East

Ramaba Group has presence in the Middle East with a regional office in Bahrain.

North America

Ramaba Group has presence in the North America with a regional office in Mexico City.

Our developments are built around quality in every stage.
The attention to detail we put into our works is a key feature in the company.
Our team of engineers is capable of tackling world-class challenges.
We make sure everything is crystal clear between to achieve success together.
Our dedication is constant through the whole process of completion.
Thinking about the ones around us has been and will be our way of thinking.
In a constant environment, innovation is key for Ramaba.
Work flows seamlessly across the company.

Trusted Partners


Grupo ISI is a company dedicated to the construction and promotion of Industrial, residential, commercial and infrastructure developments.




APMC  is a company dedicated to the development and coordination of construction projects specialized in the industrial and hospitality sectors.




COMERCIALIZADORA 919 is dedicated to the importation and exportation, commercialization, distribution and promotion of a wide range of merchandises.


Logo Escala


Escala del Norte is a consulting company with a wide range of knowledge and integral solutions. Focused mainly on the construction and development of cities.